Solved by a verified expert:Week 4 discussion Obesity
This week’s laboratory is on enzymes and is relatively
straight forward. It is an important
laboratory since your applied lab will be based off of this lab. I have provided a drawing for the first
experiment. The second experiment is
difficult to draw out as it is more a 3D experiment. I have posted a question below. For this lab, you need to provide a picture
of your experiment but you can also comment on the lab here.
This discussion below will be more based on the “lecture”
portion of this class.
This week’s discussion is based on the application spotlight
section. You can answer either or both
questions that I have posted below.
What are some effects of children being obese? What are some ways that society, schools or
parents can try to decrease the number of children being obese? You might also comment on whether it is
really the job of society to decrease the number of children who are
obese. You can also answer the same
question in relation to adults being obese.
I would just slightly modify my end comments about children and ask if
we should limit what adults eat or drink or impose penalties if they are
overweight or obese.