Solved by a verified expert:iew the following video:After watching this video – Life on “Earth” has to follow these basic “rules”. What if we were to find life on a distant planet or solar system? Give a scenario to where we may need to change our “rules”. Use specific examples in regards to what would need modification.Watch the video -If “Biology: is the study of life, why do we talk about viruses? What other characteristics of life do viruses avoid? follow?week 2Watch video:In Biology the properties of water are importnat for life to exist. Chose 2 properties of water and explain why it is so important. Why did you choose these two?Watch video:As we move from basic chemistry to organic chemistry next module it is easier to understand why Carbon is the most important element in life. Exaplin in your own words why carbon is important to life.Watch video:As you can see many of the major macromolecules are importent to life. Give examples of each marcomolecule (you cannot use the ones listed in the movie). Can you make a yummy meal? :)Watch video:Think back to the video on viruses. Why does life need two forms of information (DNA/RNA) whereas viruses can get away with just one… and it can be either one.week 3Find a YouTube video on the parts of a cell. Criteria – Must include the organelles, be 5 minutes or less the more creative the better! Remember, it should be a video you enjoy and on that has helped you to learn the internal workings of a cell .Watch the video:Simplify the process of photosynthesis.View the video:Simplify the process of cellular respiration.week 4Why is mitosis so important for the process of life? Why are the steps of Mitosis critical?Watch the video:Why is meiosis so important for the process of life? Why are two rounds necessary? Compare/Contrast Spermatogenesis and Oogenesis.week 5Watch the videos:andThink about your triats. Name a few and explain where you inhertied them from. Can they be traced through your family tree?Watch the video:This video shows the central dogma in biology! It may be one that needs to be watched a few times to full grasp the concept of replication, transcrition and translation. Replication ties back to the process of Mitosis, making copies of new cells.View the process of transcription and translation and explain the process of gene expression (making of a protein).week 6”’Watch the video:Contrast natural selection with artificial selection. What are the 4 “postulates” of evolution?Watch video:How can a phlogenetic tree help us determine the life history of an organism?week 7”’Side PanelExpand side panelBreadcrumb:Discussions ListView TopicSettingsHelpSearchTopic 1Actions for ‘Topic 1’SubscribeHide DescriptionWatch the video:Choose an ecosystem, find a video and describe the aspects of your ecosystem (ie: abiotic/biotic factors)Watch video:Discuss the process of human growth and what are your thoughts to our growth? Are we just fine? When will we reach our max population? What resource will “run out” first? ETC.