Solved by a verified expert:Module 5 – Case
this Case Assignment you will learn about the ecosystems that make up the
regions impacted by the Deepwater Horizon Spill. Using resources from the NOAA
and your own independent research, write a 4- to 6-page paper that summarizes
the characteristics of each ecosystem including organisms commonly found there,
potential threats based on their relative location to the spill, and the
economic impact of damages in these communities.
your research using diagrams in the report,Natural Resource Damage
Assessment for the Deepwater BP Oil Spillpresented in a B-WET Workshop on April 1, 2011,
and thestatus updatesprovided in April 2012
by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA). This and other
resources are available on the NOAA website:
your report,
For the following

Marine Wetlands
Shoreline and Beaches
Nearshore benthos
Photic zone
Deep benthos


An introduction of the
characteristics of the ecosytem community
The level of the threat posed
by the oil spill
The affected species
The type of surveys conducted
to gather the data
The economic and environmental
cost associated with the damage

a summary, view the PowerPoint presentation:Deepwater Oil Spill
Assignment Expectations
paper should be approximately 4-6 pages long and reflect the information
contained in the resources provided above. When summarizing the information you
read from the NOAA website, or any resources you use, be sure to synthesize the
information into your own words, and cite the references. Please use complete
sentences and write your paper in essay format using subheadings to organize
the required topics.