Solved by a verified expert:Objective: To visit a farm in your area and learn all about the farm and the farmers. Think of yourself as a journalist after a story! Farmers and farming are diverse and interesting. Visit a farm that produces something that you are interested in. Farms can include, but are not limited to: vegetable or fruit production, herbs, cows, chickens, pigs, horses, goats, sheep, winery, aquaculture, hydroponics, greenhouses – the list goes on and on. You can also visit a CSA (Community Supported Agriculture). See the Resources section for a list of CSA’s. If you are not sure that the farm you would like to visit qualifies, please email.If the farm has a farm stand, you can go when it is open and speak with someone. Farmers have long and varied hours, so you may have to make an appointment. You can check out the Resources link on the sidebar to find lists of farms. It is okay to go on this field trip with another classmate, but you both must submit your own work and you should take different photos – pick a different viewpoint. If the farmer grows plants and animals, one can focus on plants and one on animals. Or maybe focus on spring and summer chores vs. fall and winter chores.Assessment: Take photos (at least 15 photos), label them and using the information that you learned, make a presentation in a word document or in power point – labeled “Farm Field Trip”.Below is a list of possible questions to help you to get started. Find out as much as you can. This assignment should be completed and submitted by August 12th at 6PM.Possible questions for Bio 104 Farm Trip:How long have you been farming?Why did you decide to go into farming?Did you go to school to learn how to farm?What is the most difficult thing about farming?What is the most rewarding thing about farming?What does your typical day look like?What do you grow? And how do you grow it? E.g., plants – do you plant seeds or buy plants that are already started? If they raise animals, do they buy young animals or breed animals that have the babies on the farm?Do you sell wholesale or retail?Approximately how many farms are in your town?Do they farm organically?If they farm organically, what are some of the differences between farming organically and what other farmers do?