Solved by a verified expert:This is one giant biology homework question I had to work for lab and I really need help distinguishing between genotypes and phenotypes, please please help! it looks harder than it is!!suppose a woman who is both homozygous tongue-roller and a non-PTC-taster marries a man who is a heterozygous tongue-roller and is a PTC taster, and they have three children: a homozygous tongue-roller who is also a PTC taster , a heterozygous tongue-roller who is also a taster, and a heterozygous tongue-roller whois a non-taster.R-tongue rollingr-non rollerT-PTC tastert- non taster1. what are parent’s genotypes2. what are parents phenotypes?3.what are possible gametes?4.ratios for genotypes of offspring?5. ratios of phenotypes of offspring?6. if these parents would have a bunch more children so that they had 12 in all, how many of those 12 would be non taster homozygous for tongue rolling?