Solved by a verified expert:The test results below indicate the presence of which nutrient?four test tubes A. monosaccharide B. polysaccharide C. protein D. lipidWhich of the following shows the results that you would get if you tested beef using the four tests in the Gizmo?four sets of four test tubes A. test tubes A B. test tubes B C. test tubes C D. test tubes DWhich test would show positive results for orange juice? A. Benedict test B. Lugol test C. Biuret test D. Sudan Red testWhich foods would have the following nutrient test results?four test tubes A. beef, peanut butter, tuna B. apple juice, honey, orange juice C. candy, table sugar, cola D. pasta, bread, crackersWhich of the following would test positive in the Biuret test, and negative in the Sudan Red test? A. skim milk B. wheat bread C. meatloaf D. vegetable oil