Solved by a verified expert:Question:One of the super-quants on your team was able to adapt the learning curveformula to predict the failure rate of servers in the server farm.F(x) = Ae^(Gx)  8.8e^(0.08(10x)F(x) = number of failures in a population of 100,000 servers of age xA = Initial mortality rateG = Exponential rate of increase mortality for an increase in age xe = Mathematical expression (Function EXP in excel) which approximates 2.71828…Based on the equation above derive failure rate from age 2.5 to 9.0 years.Assume the average server costs $100,000 and the average age of your server farm is 7 years. Your opsteam suggest that they are reducing the average failure rate of your server farm from 4% to 1% in order toservice enterprise customers – what would this mean to your cost basis