Solved by a verified expert:3 page/750 word minimum; 5 sources minimum in APA format andat least 2 digital picturesWater Testing*For this Assignment you must have the water test kit (Basic price $9.99)Begin with a brief introduction to the importance of water and the hydrologic cycle and tell why water testing is important.Before Testing –Observe Water Characteristics: Color & Smell & TasteTest your home water supply by using the testing supplies in the kit.Test Water with the reagents provided in the kit and Record Results in a Table-In your conclusion report on the testing results and then compare your water quality to that of bottled water. Check out NRDC( Bottle Water Report to see results from a four-year study of the bottle water industry, including bacterial and chemical contamination problems. Tell us if you drink tap water or bottled water and then research the internet to see which is recommended as the best source of drinking water and why. Also review the video at 20/20 ( and report on there testing results. How do their test compare to your research?-Please take a few pictures (2) of your experiment and include them in your report. You are required to include pictures to avoid loosing points in your assignment.