Solved by a verified expert:The question is related to the Marketing management.  The Ans should be of 700 words.  I have attached the article also from which the question is asked.the question is as followingRead the article Slotegraaf, R. J., & Dickson, P. R. (2004) ‘The paradox of a marketing planning capability’, Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science,32 (4), pp. 371–385.1) What deceptive marketing practices have you personally witnessed?2) Are they (price,promotion,product, orpackaging)based?Note: which are italic and in bracket words – what is the question asking of you?!!1- Please at at least give2 paragraph reference from the following book, this is very important .book ( Kotler, P. and Keller, K. (2012). Marketing Management 14th ed.Harlow, Essex: Pearson Education Limited.)a) Societal aspects of marketing (Chapter 22, pp. 629–640).b) Implementation (Chapter 22, p. 640-641).c) Evaluation and control (Chapter 22, pp. 641–643).d) The future of marketing (Chapter 22, pp. 643–647).2- Please choose 2 real companies examples in discussion to explain the answer too.3- Please use more than 5 website on reference.4- Need at least 6-7 Reference5- Please use Harvard style correctly.6- Referencing (in text citation) should be evident in the discussions.Plagiarism level allowed 5% only otherwise it will not acceptable.7- This assignment for master degree please do your best effort to get A or B grade.Please use in assignment the following:-1- Introduction.(defined the main terms).2- Body. (Discussion).3- Conclusion.(summarize the main points).