Solved by a verified expert:The next time autumn leaves drift byMaddie’s window, she may just letthem lie. During the last week of September,city workers sprayed chemicalson the trees along the street in front ofher house. In October, when the leavesfrom those trees began to fall, Maddieraked them up and stuffed them intoseveral large garbage bags. The nextday, her hands were red and itchy, andby the day after that, the itching hadbecome intense. In addition, Maddie’shands were covered with blisterlikelesions and so swollen that she couldhardly move her fi ngers. Maddie suspectedshe was having an allergic reaction.Was she right? After readingabout the lymphatic system and immunityin this chapter and connecting thatinformation with what you learnedabout the peripheral circulation in chapter21, explain the probable cause ofMaddie’s symptoms……… Was Maddie having an allergic reaction? Based on what you learned about immunity and the lymphatic system, what was the probable cause of Maddie’s symptoms?QUESTION 2Antibodies bind to a foreign antigen, resulting in removal of that foreign body. Explain what happens to antibody production as the foreign antigens decrease. Please let me know how much for both questions at least 200 words for each. Please keep them separate.