Solved by a verified expert:Question 20The largest portion of the human brain, and that part responsible for consciousness, is the:a. midbrainb. corpus callosumc. cerebrumd. medulla oblongatae. cerebellum1 points Question 21Which of the following statements is true?a. All action potentials of the same nerve are alikeb. Receptors respond by graded potentialc. Different nerves convey different information by going to different areas of the braind. Differences in intensities may be due to the number of receptors and nerves involved in responsee. All of the above1 points Question 22Cigarette smoking:a. Inhibits mucus productionb. Kills infection-fighting phagocytesc. Stimulates ciliary actiond. All of these choices1 points Question 23Which of the following can be successfully cured with antibiotics?a.genital warts and gonorrheab.AIDSc.AIDS and genital wartsd.genital wartse.gonorrhea1 points Question 24After an action potential passes:a. the potassium gates disappearb. the original voltage difference across the membrane is restored by the sodium-potassium pumpc. the sodium gates are opend. all of these choices1 points Question 25At the time of sperm penetration, the egg is a(n)a.ootid.b.primary oocyte.c.secondary oocyte.d.oogonium.e.ovum.1 points Question 26Coordination of muscles with sensory input is controlled by which part of the brain?a. midbrainb. corpus callosumc. cerebrumd. medulla oblongatae. cerebellum1 points Question 27The average amount of gas that moves in and out of the lungs during a normal breathing cycle is ____ liter.a.1.0b.0.5c.4.2d.5.7e.2.51 points Question 28The air that reaches the alveoli has been cleaned by the action of:a. Ciliated epithelium lining parts of the respiratory tractb. Nose hairsc. Mucus secreted along the respiratory tractd. All of these choices1 points Question 29Chemoreceptors in the brain sense and adjust the rate of breathing in response to _________ concetration in the cerebrospinal fluid that surrounds them.a. Nitrogenb. Oxygenc. Hydrogen iond. Carbon monoxidee. Carbon dioxide