Solved by a verified expert:1. The innermost lining of the gastrointestinal tract is the ______.A. serosa B. mucosa C. submucosa D.muscularis 2. This digestive organ absorbs water from indigestible food reduce ,stores feces, andeliminates feces from the body.A. small intestine B. large intestine C. rectum D. stomach3. .The structure that is shared between the male reproductive and urinary systems is the____?A. prostate gland B. urethra C seminal vesicles D. seminiferous tubules4. Which of following test is not used to detect prostate cancer?A. a rectal exam B.PAP test C.PSA blood test D.all of these are used to detect prostate cancer5. Labor is directly triggered by the hormone ______whcih also triggers ______after birth.A.oxytocin;milk production B.estrogen;milk production C.oxytocin;milk ejectionD.estrogen;milk ejection6. When your mother is mad at you she likes to remind you that she spent 48 hours inpainful labour to bring you into the world?Specifically,she means that she spent a longtime in the ______stage of labour.A.third trimester B.dilation C.placental D.expulsion 7. Developmental problems present at birth are known as_______A.teratogenic B.gastrulation C.type 2 diabetes D. birth defects 8. Which of the following maintains the corpus luteum and stimulates it to continue toproduce the hormone.A.estrogen B.testosterone C.vectors D.cytokinins9. Environmental agents that disrupt development of the embryo or fetus are called____A.aldosterone B.teratogens C.vectors D.cytokinins 10. The semen from a male who has had a vasectomy would include each of the followingexcept_______.A.secretions from the bulbourethral glands B.sperm C.secretions from the prostate gland D.secretions from the seminal vesicles.11. In which stage of mitosis does exchange of genetic material between chromosomes(crossing-over) occur?A.prophase I B.prophase II C. anaphase I D.none of the above12. If a cell begins mitosis with 36 chromosomes,there will be ______chromosomes in eachcell after mitosis and daughter cell will be ______genetically.A.18;identical B.36;different C.36;identical D. 18;different13. A process in which a sister chromatid inherited from the mother and a sister chromatidinherited from the father pair up and from tetrads and exchange DNA to fromgenetically diverse gametes is calld________.A.prophase B.crossing over C. cytokinesis D.cell cycle14. In this heredity pattern,both alleles appear in the phenotype of the heterozygote.A.codominance B.multiple alleles C.pleiotropy D.complete dominance15. Agene on the Y chromosome causes a disease.A woman married to a man with thedisease has three children.The first two are daughters without the disease.The third is ason.What is the probability that he will have the gene?A.75% B.100% C.25% D 0% E.50%16. If two chromosomes have the same genes, they are said to be _____.A.autosomal B.traits C.homologues D.polypeptides17. Adel has freckles,autosomal dominant, so please provide her genotype.A.Ff B.ff C.FF D.can not say for certain it could be FF or Ff18. If someone were heterozygous for a recessive genetic illness, then they are_________.A.epistatic B.pleiotropic C.allelic D. a carrier 19. If Hani has type A blood and his mother has type B blood,which of the following is the mostlikely genotype of Hani’s father?A.OO B.BO C.AA D.BB .Point mutations can occur in any given cell type,but they mostly only affect that one cell andcells produced by it.What cell type,if mutated,would allow the mutation to be passed on tofamily members for generations?A.white blood cells cells C.gametes such as an egg or sperm D.glial cells like those thatproduce a myelin sheath37.Why are the complementary base pairing rules so important when a cell needs to copy itsDNA?A.As long as there is one stand,a copy an be made by following the pairing rules.B.The cells need both strand to be accurate because eac stand code for one half of the gene.C.Transcription can not proceed unless the pairs are in the proper sequence.D.Unless the bases pair up correctly, the DNA strand can break apart.39.Which of the following is a process in translation in which tRNA molecules deliver aminoacids in the correct causing peptide bonds to form and increasing the length of the polypeptidechain?A.termination B.initiation C.transcription D.elongation40.Which part of the tRNA molecule pairs with mRNA?A.gene B.anticodon C.duplex D.rRNA55. this digestive organ absorbs water from indigestible food residue, stores feces, andeliminated feces from the body.A.B.C.D. small intestinelarge intestinerectumstomach57. A pregnant woman( first trimester) is concerned that she has been exposed to a chemicalthat blocks estrogen and progesterone receptors so that the body does not recognize thesehormones. this most important reason she should be worried about this is because_ A. menstruation may occur, thus causing the embryo or early fetus to be lostB. luteinizing hormone(LH) may cause the release of another eggC. GnRH may be inhibited59.when a female has low levels of estrogen and progesterone, _ ?A. she is ovulatingB. her uterus is ready to accept an embryo C. she is menstruatingD. she is pregnant60.During a normal female reproductive cycle, the unique hormone produced only afterovulation is_____ made the _____A.B.C.D. gonadotropin releasing hormone (Gnrh) ; hypothalamusfollicle stimulating hormone( FSH); anterior pituitaryprogesterone; corpus luteumluteinizing hormone(LH); anterior pituitary61.the functions of the corpus luteum are all of the following except___ A.B.C.D. to secrete estrogento secrete progesteroneto maintain the endometriumto secrete follicle stimulating hormone (FSH)62. Which of the following hormones is not involved at the male reproductive system? A.B.C.D. testosteroneprogesteroneLHFSH65. why do harmful agents cause the most severe birth defects during the embryonic period? A.B.C.D. the mother’s hormones are at the highest levels at this timethe embryo has not yet implanted into the uterusthis is when substances pass most easily through the placentathis is a period of rapid differentiation when cells and tissues acquire specific functions, andorgans form66.A male has a genetic disease coded for on his Y chromosome, which parent passed of thistrait? A.B.C.D. the dadthe momneither parent; it is a spontaneous mutationeither the mom or dad67.A pregnant female is a week past her due date and her doctor decides to induce labor. HerPhysician will use pitocin, which is a synthetic form of which natural hormone? A.B.C.D. prolactinprogesteroneestrogenoxytocin 68. identical twins occurs when ___?A.B.C.D. one egg is released and his fertilized by one sperm, and the fetus later splits into two.two eggs are released and are fertilized by two different spermone egg is released and is fertilized by one sperm, and the pre-embryo later splits into twotwo eggs are released and are fertilized by the same sperm69.what is the term for when a baby is born bottocks first ? A.B.C.D. breech birthlaborblue babyplacental stage70.the union of the sperm and the egg that results in a cell which 46 chromosomes is called a(n)___. A.B.C.D. embryotrophoblastfetuszygote72. DNA that has wrapped around histones and is in a condensed form following interphase iscalled ____ A.B.C.D. chromatinnucleosomeskaryokinesischromosomes 73. in which phase does the chromatin condense into chromosomes, the nuclear membranedisintegrates, and the centrioles migrate to the oles as spindle fibers are organized?A.B.C.D. prophaseinterphaseanaphasetelophase74. A cell with a diploid number of 24 fails to undergo cytokinesis while performing mitosis sothat the daughter cells do not form. How many chromosomes will be in the resulting cell? A.B.C.D. 96244812 76.which of the following characterizes Klinefelter syndrome?A.B.C.D. XXYthree copies of chromosome 21XOXXX77.Oogenesis different from spermatogenesis in ____ A.B.C.D. when it is completedsize of gametes producednumber of functional gametes producedall of the above are true78. Children born with Down syndrome have inherited an extra chromosome so their diploidnumber is 47 rather than 46 chromosomes. what is this genetic condition called ? A.B.C.D. monoploidytriploidhaploid 21trisomy 2179.Specific segments of DNA that are the functional units of inheritance are called ____? A.B.C.D. telomereschromosomeschromatidsgenes80.if your parents are heterozygous for a gene, what is the chance that you will have at least onecopy of it ? A.B.C.D. 0%25%75%50%81. Thalassemia is a very serious disorder that affects hemoglobin. it is caused by an autosomalrecessive gene. if both a man and a man are carriers, then what is the chance that they will havea child with the disease? A.B.C.D. 100%25%75%50% 82.the gene for Tay-Sachs disease codes for a nonfunctional form of the enzyme hexosaminidaseA ( or Hex A). It has been found that a person with only one -third the maximum amount of HexA can function absolutely normally. please characterize the heredity of Tay-Sachs disease.A.B.C.D. multiple a family both parents have freckles and widow’s peak. Both of these traits are dominant:F=freckles, W=window’s peak. they have a child that has not widow’s peak and no freckles.which one is a possible dihybrid genotype of their child? A.B.C.D. FFwwffwwffWwFfWw86.which of the following bring tRNA with an amino acid close enough to mRNA to permitinteraction and the assembly of amino acid to form a protein? A.B.C.D. DNA polymerasemRNARNA polymeraseribosome87.the process in which the mRNA, tRNA, and ribosomal subunits come together duringtranslation is called ____? A.B.C.D. terminationdeletioninitiationelongation89.which process converts the nucleotide language of mRNA into the amino acid language of aprotein? A.B.C.D. transcriptionDNA replicationmeiosistranslation90. A new antibiotic is developed that interferes with the way tRNA fits into bacterial ribosomes.How would this kill them? A. the tRNA would be unable to carry out transcriptionB. the bacteria would be unable to produce necessary enzyme to carry out basic metabolismC. tRNA would not unwind the DNA to allow DNA polymerase to copy it, thus cell division stops D. Ribosomes will not be able to produce mRNA and cell function will halt.