Solved by a verified expert:. The health care team is attempting to determine cause for a client’s duodenal ulcer. Which factors are not associated with peptic ulcer disease?Smoking cigarettesHaving a parent diagnosed with a peptic ulcerExcessive stress at homeHaving type A blood32. The nurse is teaching the family of a client recently diagnosed with PUD. The nurse knows the family understands the teaching when they state that the risk factors for the development of PUD include: Select all that apply.infection with the bacterium Helicobacter pylori.daily use of aspirin.blood type AB.consumption of caffeine-free soda.smoking.33. A client with a chronic cough, wheezing, and a sore throat states these symptoms have been present for 3 months, and asthma is not the cause. What does the nurse suspect to be causing this client’s respiratory issues and sore throat?Zollinger-Ellison syndromeGastroesophageal reflex diseaseCrohn diseaseA gastric ulcer34. A client diagnosed with GERD asks the nurse what his treatment will be. The nurse correctly states:”You likely will be instructed to change your lifestyle to see if that helps relieve your symptoms.””We will start you on an over-the-counter agent because you have easy access to them and a small chance of overdosing on them.””We need to attack this early, and will start with combination therapy.””GERD will require a surgical treatment for symptom relief.”35. A client with peptic ulcer disease is undergoing pharmacologic therapy. After reviewing the medication administration record, the nurse suggests changing a prn pain order of ibuprofen to:acetaminophen.aspirin.ketorolac.naprosyn.36. A client diagnosed with Barrett esophagus might require the most efficient pharmacologic therapy of GERD. This would include the use of which class of drug?Proton pump inhibitorAntacidMagnesium citrateH2-receptor antagonist37. A client is prescribed an H2-receptor antagonist. The nurse teaches this client that the purpose of the drug is to:reduce gastric acid secretion in the stomach.prevent the vasodilating effects of histamine.alleviate nasal allergy symptoms.prevent the release of histamine from MAST cells.38. The nurse who is planning care for a client with GERD anticipates that the health care provider will order medications from which drug class? Select all that apply.Proton pump inhibitorsH2-receptor antagonistsAntacidsDiureticsAntianginals39. A client is prescribed omeprazole, bismuth subsalicylate, and metronidazole for the treatment of H. pylori. The nurse explains that combination therapy will accomplish which outcome?Increase the number of ulcerationsEliminate the population of H. pyloriAllow H. pylori to adhere to the gastric mucosaImmediately relieve symptoms of gastric ulceration40. A nurse is ordered to administer lansoprazole to a client on a mechanical soft diet. How should the nurse administer this medication?Sprinkle granules into applesauce, then administer.Crush the tablet and stir it into pudding, then administer.Ask the client to chew the medication.First ask the client to drink an entire glass of water, then give the medication.