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Population dynamics homework

One hundred (100) goldfish were introduced into Round Pond.
This species of goldfish reproduces rapidly, but is prey for many birds and
susceptible to some fatal diseases. Their population change through time can be
summarized as follows:

End of year: number of living goldfish:
4 1060

1) The growth of the population over a 5 year period would
be best described as…
a) exponential b) explosive c) logistic
d) chaotic

2) The carrying capacity of this population would be close
to ………………… goldfish.
a) 10600 b) 1060
c) 484 d) 220

3) At the end of year 1 there is a 200 (N) deer mice
population in a 20 acre field. If their per capita birth rate b = 1.2
mice/mouse/year, and their per capita death rate d = 0.6 mice/mouse/year, what
would the population size be at the end of year 3? Show your calculations

4) If instead the same mouse population had a carrying
capacity of K = 240, and again at the end of year 1 had a population of 200 (N)
mice, what would be the population size at the end of year 3? Show your
calculations below.