Solved by a verified expert:This week is the final week of the environmental
controversy. To this point you have read
and researched several important issues pertaining to the environment. The last environmental controversy you will
learn about is environmental economics and politics. Using the information you
read in your textbook, and any additional outside research, write a 1-2
paragraph response to the questions posed below. Remember to cite your sources
using APA.

Your textbook discusses the importance of a healthy
environment to a nation’s overall security. Environmentalists argue that
military, economic, and environmental security are interrelated. If a nation’s
environment is degraded to the point that soils become widely infertile or
numerous workers get sick from pollution, the economy will deteriorate. If
economies fail, unemployment and poverty will increase and national security
may be threatened by internal unrest. Hostile nations or foreign criminal
groups may also take advantage of a nation’s weakened environment, chaotic
social structure, and poor economy. Others argue that while the environment is
important to a nation’s security, terrorism, unemployment, hunger, and
inflation are more urgent and short-term threats.

Do you believe that environmental security is just as
important as economic and military security?