Solved by a verified expert:Suppose Z and z stand for alleles of the gene determining length of tail in iguanas. ZZ and Zz result in long tail, and zz results in short tail. Which is true for the offspring of a ZZ male iguana and a Zz female iguana:1.Some of the offspring will have short tails.2.Half of the offspring will have long tails3.None of the offspring will have short tails.4.None of the offspring will have long tails.5.All offspring will have short tails. Cystic fibrosis is a disorder depending on the mutated recessive allele f. Genotypes FF and Ff are healthy, while ff has cystic fibrosis. In the case of a Ff father and a FF mother, what is the probability that their child will have cystic fibrosis?1.100%2.75%3.50%4.25%5.0%In the case of cystic fibrosis, both FF and Ff have a healthy phenotype, but Ff is called a carrier. What is true of the possible offspring of 2 carriers?1.All their offspring will be heterozygous and normal.2.25% of their offspring will be homozygous and 75% heterozygous.3.25% of the offspring will be homozygous recessive, 50% heterozygous, and 25% homozygous dominant.4.50% will be homozygous dominant, and 50% homozygous recessive.Most biological systems have a cellular organization. Although cells come in a wide variety of shapes, most tend to be between1.20 – 100 nanometers2.1 – 5 milimeters3.1 – 50 micrometers4..1 -.5 micrometers5.200 – 1,000 micrometers