Solved by a verified expert:Suppose an enzyme is destroyed by strong acids. Which substance would be most likely to destroy the enzyme:1.Distilled water.2.Seawater.3.Milk.4.Lemon juice. Which statement describes the diploid condition:1.Each chromosome is composed of nucleotides.2.Each cell has more than two chromosomes.3.Each chromosome in a cell has a corresponding chromosome.4.A gene has more than two alleles.An allele is:1.A mutated cell.2.One form of a gene.3.A chromosome.4.A sperm or egg cell.5.None of the above If you are homozygous for a certain gene, you have:1.The same two alleles for this gene.2.Two more chromosomes than heterozygous people.3.Two different alleles for this gene.4.All of the above.