Solved by a verified expert:Seaport Quiz / Exam:ECOL 100 Quiz 1Quiz/Exam CompleteResults (Percent Correct): 100%Question: ScienceQuestion: Interactions between predator and prey species that lead to favorable traits in each over time is known as?Question: The term greenhouse effect describes?Question: An estimate of how much of the earth’s renewable resources an individual consumes is known as?Question: Which of the following are not autotrophsQuestion: Which of the following do not affect birth and fertility rates?Question: Which of the following is the greatest concern to environmental scientists because it can lead to further acceleration of environmental problems?Question: AutotrophsQuestion: Species that migrate or are accidentally introduced into an ecosystem are calledQuestion: Geographic isolation may result from a(n)Question: Which of the following results in increasing environmental impacts?Question: Which of the following species conducts chemical warfare to avoid their predators?Question: Where is most of the world’s biodiversity?Question: A relationship in which both species benefit is known as?Question: MatterYour Answer: can undergo a physical changeQuestion: A change in the genetic composition of a population over successive generations is calledQuestion: Poverty results inQuestion: Which of the following is a specialist?Question: An environmentally sustainable societyQuestion: Any process that causes a decrease in change to a system is known as aQuestion: When populations exceed the carrying capacity, the population will exhibit?Question: A high infant mortality rate is most often associated withQuestion: Which of the following is an ecological service provided by marine ecosystems?Question: A sea otter is a(n)Question: Which of the following would exhibit primary succession?Question: The atomic number is the number ofQuestion: A population with a large percentage of its people older than 45 years in age will likely experienceQuestion: Biodiversity is believed to be the result ofQuestion: _______ is when individuals of 2 or more species interact to obtain the same limited resourceQuestion: Most of the worlds major river delta wetlands are ______ as the result of dams and levee constructionQuestion: Matter is anything thatQuestion: Natural capital includesQuestion: The portion of the planet where life is found is known as the?Question: In 2005 the United Nations released a report that stated that human activitiesQuestion: Carrying capacity is determined byQuestion: Species that serve as early warnings of environmental damage are called?Question: When energy is changed from one form to anotherQuestion: Ecology is the study ofQuestion: A group of individuals of the same species occupying a given area at the same time is call aQuestion: Protons, neutrons, and electrons are allQuestion: Emigration isQuestion: What is the most important factor in determining which biome is found in a particular area?Question: All of the following are elements EXCEPTQuestion: Which of the following is the usual order of applying the scientific process to a problem?Question: Carrying capacity refers to?Question: All of the following are abiotic factors EXCEPTQuestion: The actual average replacement-level fertility for the whole world is slightly higher thanQuestion: Which of the following implies the greatest built-in momentum for population growth?