Solved by a verified expert:From a BIOLOGY lens, I want you to choose one of the Articles of the Constitution or Amendments of the Bill of Rights and summarize it in your own words. What does this mean for what you’re learning in BIOLOGY? What does it mean to you personally?biolgoy so far we have been learning about cells• CO-1: Identify the levels of organization of life, its diversity and the processes by which life has achieved its present form.• CO-2: Explain the importance of the biochemical building blocks and water.• CO-3: State energy pathways such as photosynthesis, respiration, and overall cellular metabolism. • CO-4: Explain scientific literacy by discussing real life applications of biology in the form of case studies.• CO-5: Identify the basic cell and its processes of mitosis and meiosis.• CO-6: Summarize the mechanisms of inheritance and the process by which protein and DNA are synthesized.• CO-7: Recall the various examples of life on earth including prokaryotes, viruses and protists.• CO-8: Demonstrate the role of the student-scientist to the public regarding the relevant and topical scientific issues.