Solved by a verified expert:Community Prevention ProjectDetails:Review your state public health department and environmental quality departments online toidentify vector-related diseases affecting your community.In a report format of 1,250-1,500 words, address the following:1. Describe the health concerns of the community.2. Identify current environmental risk assessment methods which apply to public healthissues.3. Suggest a modifier or new prevention or intervention program based on your research.4. Create a sample program budget.5. Complete a SWOT analysis of the proposed program.APA format is not required, but solid academic writing is expected.This assignment uses a rubric. Please review the rubric prior to beginning the assignment tobecome familiar with the expectations for successful completion. Use This Grading Rubrics below toguide you for this assignmentCommunity Prevention Project1Unsatisfactory0.00%70.0%Content20.0 %CommunityRelatedHealthConcerns:IdentifyVectorRelatedDiseasesAffectingCommunity 2Less ThanSatisfactory74.00% 3Satisfactory79.00% 4Good87.00% Diseases are not Vector-relatedVector-related Vector-relatedvector-related; diseases arediseasesdiseasesvector-related presented andpresented arepresented arediseasesrelevant to therelevant to the relevant to thepresented are local community; local community. localnot relevant to evidence is not Claims arecommunity.the localpresented topartiallyClaims arecommunitysupport claims; substantiatedgenerallyhealth concerns. evidence used is usingsubstantiatednot substantiated information from usingusing information state publicinformationfrom state public health andfrom statehealth andenvironmental public healthenvironmentalqualityandqualitydepartments for environmental 5Excellent100.00% Vector-relateddiseases arerelevant to thelocal community.Claims arestronglysubstantiatedusing informationfrom state publichealth andenvironmentalqualitydepartments forthe localcommunity health departments forthe localcommunityhealth concerns. Current20.0 %environmentalIdentifyrisk methodsCurrentEnvironmenta applicable topublic healthl Riskissues are notAssessmentidentified.MethodsApplicable toPublic HealthIssues Someenvironmentalrisk methods arereferenced; theenvironmentalrisk methods arenot current, orare notapplicable topublic healthissues. 20.0 %ProposeModifier, NewPrevention orInterventionProgram No modifier,new preventionor interventionprogram issuggested. 5.0 %RecommendSampleProgramBudget A sampleA sampleprogram budget program budgetis notis presented, butpresented.the budget islargelyincomplete. 5.0 % SWOTAnalysis A SWOTanalysis is notpresented. 20.0 Reference ismade to amodifier, newprevention orinterventionprogram. Noevidence ordetails areoffered forsupport. A SWOT analysisis presented, butis largelyincomplete. the localqualityconcerns.communitydepartments forhealth concerns. the localMore relevantcommunityevidence ishealthneeded Environmentalenvironmental risk methodsrisk methodsrisk methodsapplicable toapplicable toapplicable topublic healthpublic healthpublic healthissues areissues are clearlyissues areidentified;identified;identified; most environmental environmentalenvironmental risk methodsrisk methods arerisk methods are are current and current,current andapplicable toapplicable andapplicable topublic healthhighly relevant topublic healthissues, butpublic healthissues.moreissues.supportingdetail isneeded.A modifier, new A modifier, new A modifier, newprevention orprevention or prevention orinterventioninterventioninterventionprogram isprogram isprogram issuggested. Some suggested.suggested.evidence isEvidence isSuggestion isprovided forprovided thatapplicable to thesupport, butgenerallypublic healthsuggestion lacks demonstrates issue andsupport tosupport andcommunity.demonstraterelevance toStrong evidencerelevance tolocal publicis provided forlocal publichealth issuepresented.presented.A sampleA sampleA sampleprogram budget program budget program budgetis presented, but is presented,is presented, thethe budget is not the budget isbudget is realisticrealistic to the realistic to the to the proposalproposalproposalpresented andpresented.presented but contains detailslacks someto support fullminor details to implementation.fully implement.A SWOT analysis A SWOTA SWOT analysisis presented, but analysis isis presented. Thethe details of the presented, the analysis isSWOT are notdetails of theinsightful, andrealistic, or are SWOT arethe details of thenot relevant to relevant to the SWOT arethe proposalproposalrelevant andpresented.presented.realistic for theSome details of proposal.the analysis arenot realistic forthe proposal. %Organization andEffectiveness7.0 % Thesis Paper lacks anyDevelopment discernibleand Purpose overall purposeor organizingclaim. Thesis and/orThesis and/ormain claim aremain claim areinsufficientlyapparent anddeveloped and/or appropriate tovague; purpose is purpose.not clear. Paragraphs and Some paragraphs Paragraphs aretransitionsand transitions generallyconsistently lack may lack logical competent, butunity andprogression ofideas may showcoherence. No ideas, unity,someapparentcoherence,inconsistency inconnectionsand/ororganizationbetweencohesiveness.and/or in theirparagraphs are Some degree of relationships toestablished.organization iseach other.Transitions are evident.inappropriate topurpose andscope.Organization isdisjointed.Surface errors Frequent andSome5.0 %repetitivemechanicalMechanics of are pervasiveenough thatmechanicalerrors or typosWritingthey impedeerrors distractare present, but(includescommunication the reader.are not overlyspelling,Inconsistencies distracting topunctuation, of meaning.Inappropriate in languagethe reader.grammar,choice (register) Correct andlanguage use) word choiceand/or sentence and/or wordvaried sentenceconstruction are choice arestructure andused.present.audienceSentenceappropriatestructure islanguage arecorrect but not employed.varied.10.0 %FormatTemplate is not Template is used, Template is5.0 % Paperbut someused, andFormat (Use usedformatting isof appropriate appropriately or elements arecorrect,style for the documentation missing orformat is rarely mistaken; lack of although somemajor andcontrol withminor errorsassignment) followedcorrectly.formatting ismay be present.apparent.Sources are not Documentation ofSources are5.0 %sources isdocumented, asDocumentatio documented.inconsistentappropriate ton of Sourcesand/or incorrect, assignment and(citations,as appropriate to style, althoughfootnotes,assignment and some formattingreferences,style, witherrors may bebibliography,8.0 %ParagraphDevelopmentandTransitions Thesis and/or Thesis and/ormain claim are main claim areclear andcomprehensive;forecast thecontained withindevelopment of the thesis is thethe paper. It is essence of thedescriptive and paper. Thesisreflective of the statement makesarguments and the purpose ofappropriate to the paper clear.the purpose.A logicalThere is aprogression of sophisticatedideas between construction ofparagraphs is paragraphs andapparent.transitions. IdeasParagraphsprogress andexhibit a unity, relate to eachcoherence, and other. Paragraphcohesiveness. and transitionTopic sentences constructionand concluding guide the reader.remarks areParagraphappropriate to structure ispurpose.seamless.Prose is largely Writer is clearlyfree ofin command ofmechanicalstandard, written,errors, although academica few may beEnglish.present. Thewriter uses avariety ofeffectivesentencestructures andfigures ofspeech. Template isfully used;There arevirtually noerrors informattingstyle. All formatelements arecorrect. Sources areSources aredocumented, as completely andappropriate to correctlyassignment and documented, asstyle, andappropriate toformat is mostly assignment, and format etc., asappropriate toassignmentand style)100 % TotalWeightage numerousformattingerrors. present. is free of error.