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Research Paper
This assignment is
designed for you to demonstrate your ability to communicate your knowledge of a
disease or disorder to the lay (non-scientific and non-medical) public. Your
presentation should focus on changes that occur in different organ systems as they
Guidelines:- Page 1:Should
include the following: – Name – Your selected topic
– Page 2:Begin
your paper here
1. The paper should
be 3-4 pages, typed, double spaced, 12-point font (Times New Roman or Arial
font). Acceptable format is Word document (.doc or .docx).

2. Research should
be gathered from at least five(5) credible, scientifically
rigorous sources!

3. Information must
be properly documented, since none of this is your information. This includes
both in-text citations and references in APA style.
a. In-body citation is documentation of the source
from which you get the information.
b. References page –
found at the end of the paper and only includes sources actually used within
the body of the paper. All of your references should be no more than six years
old (published in 2010 or later). Work cited page or title page does not
count as one of the pages of the paper!

4. Items to be
researched: Hearing loss
a. Disease description (role of genes, proteins,
environmental influences, life style, etc.)
b. What are the symptoms of the disease?
c. How it is being diagnosed?
d. What is the
treatment for the disease?

5. Grading Rubric:
Total of 100 points
a. Assignment
Specific Content = 40 points
1) Description of the disease
2) Disease symptoms
3) Disease diagnosis
4) Treatment of

b. Mechanics &
Format = 30 points
1) Writing free of
grammatical, spelling & punctuation error

2) Vocabulary is
correct and precise
3) Proper sentence
structure (no run-ons or fragments)
4) One idea per
5) Logical
presentation of material (like information in same paragraph)

c. Citations = 15
1) In-text citations (consistent & all required
information present)
2) Work cited page
(proper # of sources & properly cited)

d. Overall
presentation = 15 points

1) Work indicates
clear understanding of topic
2) Topic concisely
& clearly explained
3) Proper number of
6. Your grade will
depend upon the content and clarity of your presentation. Keep in mind that
longer does not always mean better. Good writing practices, including the use
of correct grammar, punctuation, sentence and paragraph structure, and a clear
flow of thought, will account for a portion of your grade.