Solved by a verified expert:Practical 3 reportThe assessment for practical 3 is a written report in the format of extended answer questions. Thereare 3 questions in this report and each student should answer all 3 questions.Answers are expected to conform to the scientific writing guidelines on the Moodle page, includingall citations (in-text and reference list) to be in the CSIRO referencing format.Guidelines on word count, submission, and getting-started hints can be found in the ‘Practical 3Assessment Overview and Instructions’ document on Moodle. Students should ensure they read thisdocument before beginning their report.1. You have performed an experiment (your practical 3, Metabolism experiment). You wishto tell your scientist friend about this experiment so they can replicate it exactly. Write amethods section for this practical.This methods section should be brief. Do not write lists of materials and do not writemethods in point or numbered form – write sentences. You must describe how the activityof amylase was calculated in the germinating barley (section 2g). Describe the stepsinvolved using words, not calculations. The methods should also explain (i) why a boiledcontrol was used in 2f, and (ii) how you would correct the value of amylase activity for any ofthe stages if an achromic point had been reached for this control experiment.(Recommended word length 250-350 words).2. Your friend has performed the experiment and collected the data below. From this data,calculate the amylase activity of the germinating barley (3-day old seedlings), showing allsteps of your working. (No part of this answer counts towards to word limit)WeightVolumeTime to achromic point0 Days0.447g8.5mlNA3 Days1.083g8.3ml12.43 minutes7 Days1.988g8.5ml17.25 minutes3. A) One of the aims of this experiment was to ‘interpret results in terms of the metabolicrole of amylase during plant development’; how well do you think this experiment fulfilledthis aim? Explain your answer, including at least one strength and one weakness in theexperiment.B) How would you improve this experiment to better align with the experimental aims?(Recommended word length 550-560 words, split between A and B as you see fit).