Solved by a verified expert:week 5The Lover of Knowledge (graded)In Plato’s Republic, Socrates says:As for one who is choosy about what he learns,…we shall not call him a lover of learning or a philosopher, just as we shall not say that a man who is difficult about his food is hungry or has an appetite for food. We shall call him a lover of food but a poor eater…But we shall call a philosopher the man who is easily willing to learn every kind of knowledge, gladly turns to learning things, and is insatiable in this respect.What are the connections here between the eating and the thinking?The Drinker (graded)You’ve got to work out your body or else it atrophies. If you look at it that way, drinking alcohol is testing your body just as much as is running or lifting weights. If I want to keep my lungs in good shape, I should run every day, so if I want to keep my liver in good shape, I should drink every day.Where is the fault in this analogy?