Solved by a verified expert:Week 9 Tutorial Mar 10-14 Part I Genomes nd review for midtermIn humans, the autosomal gene responsible for the recessive trait sickle cell anemia is known to be located 2 map units from a known VNTR (variable number of tandem repeats) locus on chromosome 12. A mating between a male who has sickle cell trait (genotype: HbA VNTR 4//HbS VNTR 6) and a female who also has sickle cell trait (genotype: HbA VNTR 6//HbS VNTR 3) produces a child with the VNTR markers VNTR 4 and VNTR 6. What is the probability this child will have sickle cell anemia (genotype HbS/HbS)?is the answer 0.01%?