Solved by a verified expert:Investigation 5.D – textbook pg.184/185Virtual lab link: 1: Oxygen Consumption in Cellular RespirationProblem (Purpose of the Lab)How can you demonstrate quantitatively that germinating seeds consume oxygen?HypothesisCreate a hypothesis using the two steps provided in Lesson 7.MaterialsThe materials used in this investigation are listed on page 184.ProcedureStep 1: Prepare a table with sufficient space to record respirometer data for two different types of seeds for 15 minutes.Step 2: Follow the Part 1: Procedure outlined on page 184 and 185 of your text. If you are completing the virtual lab, follow the steps described in the electronic presentation of this lab.You can access the virtual lab here: 3: Record your data in your data table.**NOTE: Please let me know if you did this lab yourself. Otherwise I will assume you recorded the data from the virtual lab.ObservationsInsert your data table into the space provided or attach the file.ANALYSIS1.What could be a possible source of error in your procedure or data collection? Why?2.Did the volume of gas in the test tube increase or decrease during this simulation? Provide reasons for the change in the volume of gas in the system.3.Did both seed types tested have similar respiration rates?4.Several errors were made in the design of this lab. These flaws mean that the data will not be reliable. Describe two changes to the design that could improve this lab.5.A student fills a second test tube with only lime water and tissue but no seeds. The test tube’s volume does not decrease as much, but it still decreases slightly. Why would you expect the second test tube to show this small drop in volume?6.A student decides to modify the experimental design by covering the test tube in tinfoil. By making this modification to the experimental design, identify the factor being investigated. Write a hypothesis that indicates the expected outcome of this experiment, along with support for your predictions.Part 2: Heat Production in Cellular Respiration (pg.185)All organisms produce heat as they use ATP in cellular respiration. In this part of the investigation you need to create an experimental plan that demonstrates that heat is a product of germinating seeds.Complete a plan with the hypothesis, a list of materials, experimental plan, and sample data table. You don’t actually need to do the experiment, you are just planning for it.You need to submit your experimental plan as a separate file.You will be marked on your experimental design using the following rubric.**Note: Marks from the rubric will be halvedAnalysis of your Experimental Plan1.What could be a possible source of error in your procedure or data collection? Why?2.Explain what kind of results would support your hypothesis.3.Predict results of your investigation if you let it run for a longer period of time (a few days or a week). Justify your prediction by explaining your reasoning.