Solved by a verified expert:1) Which of the following is DIFFERENTIAL media?AnswerA. Blood agarB. Koser citrate mediumC. Nutrient brothD. MacConkey agar2)Organisms that demand nutrients supplied in organic media supplemented with vitamins, amino acids and tissue extracts of unknown composition are called what?AnswerA. aerobicB. organoheterotrophsC. complexD. fastidious3)What is a microbial colony?AnswerA. a pure grouping of microbes on a plate originating from a single progenitor cellB. a biofilm of fungi and bacteria growing on SAB agarC. a mixed culture of microbes on a plate of at least two speciesD. a culture of microbes growing in liquid broth4)Which of the following bacteria is the most common cause of dental caries (cavities)?AnswerA. Streptococcus mutansB. Porpyromonas gingivalisC. Treponema denticolaD. Streptococcus pyogenes5) Dental plaque is a complex group of microorganism that adhere to one another and communicate with each other. What is this called?AnswerA. a biohazardB. a biofilmC. a cavityD. a bacterial party6) Ideally, where on the plate will you find isolated colonies when you have performed the streak plate properly?AnswerA. On the lid of the plate.B. In the center of the plate from streak number 4.C. On the side of the plate from streak number 2.D. On the side of the plate from streak number 1.