Solved by a verified expert:1. Organic foods are commonly used to describe foods that are grown without the use ofsynthetics pesticides. To be labeled organic, foods must meet federal standard. Whatare those standards? (Points 20)2. Besides being involved in the synthesis of DNA and the prevention of neural defects,folate is necessary for a few other things in the body. Please explain and make sure toelaborate on folate’s relationship with B-vitamins and hearts disease. (Points 20)3. Please explain the differences between Vitamin D and other vitamins, as there are twomain differences. Please also list the roles of Vitamin D plays in the diets. (Points 20)4. Describe how low-grade information is involved in the development of heart diseases.(Points 20)5. What is the difference among monounsaturated, polyunsaturated and saturated fattyacid? Give examples on all of these. (Points 20)6. Please explain the relationship among energy balance, weight gain, and weight loss?(Points 20)7. Describe the primary function of Iron? (Points 20)8. The health of our body’s cells depends on maintaining the proper balance of fluids andelectrolytes on either side of the cell membrane. Please discuss what a solution, solvent,and solutes are as well as explain the three types solutions, isotonic, hypertonic andhypotonic, and why they are relevant to our fluid balance. (Points 20)9. What is the female athlete tnad and why is it so dangerous? (Points 20)