Solved by a verified expert:Question 40Normal breathing interupted by periods without breathing is known asa. snoringb. cyclic breathing rhythmc. apnead. alopecia1 points Question 41Paired lungs are the dominant means of respiration in:a. Mammalsb. Reptilesc. Birdsd. All of these choices1 points Question 42The corpus luteum is responsible for producing which of the following hormones?a.all of theseb.progesteronec.FSHd.LHe.GnRH1 points Question 43Filtration begins in the:a. Proximal tubuleb. Distal tubulec. Loop of Henled. Glomerulus1 points Question 44The respiratory pacemakers controlling the rhythmic pattern of breathing are found in the:a. The frontal lobeb. The motor cortexc. Somatosensory cortexd. Medulla oblongata (brain stem)1 points Question 45The large muscle between the thoracic cavity and the abdominal cavity that aids in breathing is the:a. Pleurab. Bronchusc. Alveolusd. Diaphragm1 points Question 46All respiratory systems depend upon:a. Active transport of gasesb. Diffusion of dissolved gasesc. Osmosis of gasesd. Expansion of gases1 points Question 47Which of the following actions does NOT occur during active exhalation?a. abdominal muscles contractb. lung pressure increases and chest volume decreasesc. internal intercostals contractd. external intercostals contract1 points Question 48In the human male, sperm are produced by spermatogenesis occurring ina.seminiferous tubules.b.the epididymis.c.the vas deferens.d.interstitial cells.e.the prostate.1 points Question 49Actual exchanges of gases in the lungs occurs in thea. Bronchib. Alveolic. Bronchiolesd. Trachease. Glottis1 points Question 50A chemical substance that behaves as a natural analgesic amphetamine.b.LSD.c.epinephrine.d.endorphin.e.none of these.