Solved by a verified expert:QUESTION 2 1. Nitrogen is a critical requirement for living organisms, as it is a component of:carbohydrates and lipids.lipids and proteins.lipids and nucleic acids.nucleic acids and proteins.nucleic acids and carbohydrates.2 pointsQUESTION 3 1. Habitat destruction is the primary cause of animal extinctions. Which of the followingis not an example of habitat destruction?human beings filling in and draining wetlandshuman beings obtaining land for farmshuman beings obtaining land for housing developmentshuman beings obtaining land for industrial developmentsAll of the above are examples of habitat destruction.QUESTION 6 1. There are no trees in the tundra because:of the short growing season.of the limited supply of nutrients in the soil.permafrost limits the depth to which roots penetrate.of limited precipitation.of low temperatures.QUESTION 8 1. Decomposers:act with detritivores to break down and recycle organic matter.are microbial heterotrophs.include bacteria and fungi.use the products of decomposition to supply themselves with energy.All of the above.QUESTION 10 Global warming would result from an increase in which of the following components of theaccompanying figure?THIS THE QUESTION WITH THE DIEGRAM 1 and 2 234All of the above.QUESTION 13 1. The primary reason that Earth experiences seasons is because of the:Earth’s rotation.Earth’s orbit.Earth’s tilt on its axis.unequal thickness of the Earth’s atmosphere.different layers of the Earth’s atmosphere.QUESTION 16 1. Biological diversity is an index of the variety of living organisms in an ecosystem, andincludes:species richness only.species richness, genetic diversity, and ecosystem diversity.species richness, biosphere diversity, and ecosystem diversity.population diversity and ecosystem diversity.genetic diversity only.Question 17A(an) __________________ has both biotic and abiotic components.populationcommunityecosystemspeciesNone of the above.QUESTION 22 1. All the resources that a species can potentially utilize is part of its_____, while the resources a species actually uses make up its _____realized niche, fundamental nichecoevolution, realized nichehabitat, realized nichefundamental niche, realizednicheQUESTION 24 1. How do greenhouse gases increase the temperature of our planet?They direct the longer wavelength heat which would normally beradiated into space back down to the surface.They direct the shorter wavelength radiation which would normally beradiated into space back down to the surface.They absorb UV radiation so that it is not radiated back out to space.They allow more heat from the sun to reach the planet.The mechanism is unknown at this time.2 points 1. QUESTION 25 Which of the following statements about food webs is true? Food webs show the various paths taken by energy through anecosystem.Food webs do not show omnivores.Food webs contain a simple chain of organisms feeding on each otherin a sequence.Food webs show a low number of linkages. 1. QUESTION 26 The _____ is the most important factor driving global temperaturepatterns.Corioliseffectwindoceansun