Solved by a verified expert:5 – 8 pages long full of information (about 1200 to 2000 words) on natural selection – the theory created by charles darwin. Too short of a paper/too long of a paper have an impact of my overall grade anywhere between 20 – 90% of my overall grade.I have certain requirements that I need for this paper:-In-text citations (even if paraphrasing) as well as bibliography (examples are at the bottom of this page and in the attached research paper outline, do what you can with citing everything and I can adjust the citations/bibliography to match the style required before I turn it in)-At least 3 relative journal articles to support topic and content-Sources must be academic peer-reviewed journals (here are three to use):1. blogs-No Wikipedia-No newspapers-No National Geographic or Smithsonian-Some books acceptable but use advised against -No sources from a “.edu”-NO PLAGIARISM (paper is beign turned into must be like this:CITATION EXAMPLES:Within text:-Preferred resources are those that are disproportionately selected relative to their abundance in the habitat (Marshall & Wrangham, 2007). If you have more than two authors list the first author followed by et al. (Marshal et al. 2007).In Bibliography:Marshall, A.J. & R.W. Wrangham. 2007 Evolutionary consequences of fallback foods. International Journal of Primatology 28:1219-1235.Paper is DUE by 1 pm November 16thThanks so much!