Solved by a verified expert:QUESTION 4Sugar is transported within a plant in:1.Xylem.2.Phloem.3.Bark.4.Chloroplasts3.8 points QUESTION 5Which is the function of the radicle in a seed:1.Forms the seed coat.2.Becomes the stem of the mature plant.3.Produces spores.4.Becomes the root of the mature plant.3.8 points QUESTION 6Annelida and Arthopoda both have:1.Jointed appendages.2.Antennae.3.Body segments or regions.4.Hydrostatic skeleton.3.8 points QUESTION 7You have been provided a blade of grass and asked to make a general classification of what kind of plant it is. You notice that the leaf is green, small, and has parallel veins running through it. Your best bet is that the plant is:1.a Gymnosperm2.A fungus.3.A Monocot4.A Dicot5.None of the above3.8 points QUESTION 8Fungi growing on a dead log is best described as:1.Photosynthetic.2.Parasitic.3.Saprotrophic.4.Bryophytic.5.None of the above3.8 points QUESTION 9Animals in the phylum Mollusca have:1.A muscular foot for movement.2.Bony skeleton.3.Wings.4.Mesoglea.3.8 points QUESTION 10Earthworms belong to the phylum:1.Platyhelminthes.2.Nematoda.3.Annelida.4.Mollusca.3.8 points QUESTION 11Arthropoda DO NOT have:1.Exoskeleton.2.Wings.3.Radial body symmetry.4.Jointed legs.5.Mitochondria