Solved by a verified expert:QUESTION 12A fish:1.Belongs to the Phylum Chordata.2.Has an endoskeleton.3.Has bilateral symmetry.4.All of the above.3.8 points QUESTION 13All animal species have:1.the ability to produce eggs.2.a anus.5.All of the above.3.8 points QUESTION 14The skull is part of the:1.Axial skeleton.2.Appendicular skeleton.3.Pelvic girdle.4.Lower articulations.3.8 points QUESTION 15Which is a bone in the lower arm (i.e. forearm) of a human:1.Fibula2.Humerus3.Femur.4.Ulna.5.Tibia3.8 points QUESTION 16Skeletal muscles are responsible for all of the following EXCEPT:1.Flexing the hip.2.Bending of the elbow.3.Churning of the stomach.4.None of the above.3.8 points QUESTION 17The triceps is an example of an extensor muscle. When the triceps contracts:1.Is always involuntary.2.It brings your forearm toward the upper arm (bends the elbow).3.It lifts your entire arm up and away from the body.4.It moves the forearm away from the upper arm (straightens the elbow)3.8 points QUESTION 18Which is NOT a fungus:1.Mushroom.2.Moss.3.Mold.4.Yeast.5.All of the above are fungi