Solved by a verified expert:Ms. O is a 28-year-old woman married for 3 years who has just returned from an outdoor camping trip with her husband, with symptoms of dysuria with a burning sensation, urgency to urinate, and frequent urination. She said, “I have had similar symptoms three times over the last 2 years. Pubic and low back discomfort awoke me two nights ago and that is why I am here.” On physical examination, her temperature was 98.6° F, blood pressure was 114/64 mm Hg, pulse was 68 beats per minute, and the respiratory rate was 12 breaths per minute. Other than a tender abdominal pelvic area, the examination was unremarkable.Question #3 Notable laboratory results from a dipstick urinalysis, microscopic examination, and urine culture: Color was dark yellow; trace blood; no casts; bacteria, especially E. coli, and WBCs were too numerous to count.Given the following laboratory results, what is her final diagnosis and treatment?