Solved by a verified expert:Question 16Which of the following will NOT promote speciation?a. natural selectionb. gamete differencesc. seasonal fertilityd. gene flowe. habitat fission1 points Question 17More water is held in lakes and rivers than ina. oceansb. polar ice and glaciersc. atmospheric water vapord. none of the above1 points Question 18Decomposersa. are able to enter a food chain at any trophic levelb. feed on organic wastesc. include bacteria and fungid. all of these1 points Question 19Select the exception concerning populationsa.distributionb.age structurec.densityd.sizee.habitat1 points Question 20Disruptive selection:a. eliminates uncommon forms of allelesb. shifts allele frequencies in one consistent directionc. doesn’t favor intermediate forms of a traitd. both b and c1 points Question 21The maximum number of individuals in a population that can be sustained indefinitely by the resources in a given environment is the:a. biotic potentialb. environmental resistancec. carrying capacityd. trophic level1 points Question 22Which statement is the best description of the relationship between environmentalism and ecology?a.Ecology and environmentalism are exactly the same.b.Environmentalism is more important than ecology.c.Environmentalist seek to become ecologists.d.Environmentalists utilize information from ecological studies to draw attention to particular environmental concerns.e.None of these answers.1 points Question 23Population size depends upon:a. deathsb. birthsc. emigrationd. immigratione. all of the above1 points Question 24Four of the five pairs listed below show analogy. Select the exception.a. wings of pigeons and insectsb. flippers of dolphins and penguinsc. flippers of whales, fins of sharksd. wings of pigeons and flippers of penguinse. wings of pigeons and bats1 points Question 25Capture-recapture is a good way to estimate the population size can be used to infer the reproductive traits for the entire can single out the marked individual for can show the migratory patterns for the entire is not a useful can be used to infer the properties of the entire population