Solved by a verified expert:1.The ability to recognize a series of photos that you looked at a month ago is an example of_____A) classical conditioningB) stimulus-response learningC)motor learningD) intermodal learningE)Perceptual learning2.The primary function of perceptual learning is to__________A)identify and categorize objectsB)train a sensory system to accurately detect the location of a stimulusC)learn to adjust behavior according to its consequencesD) exhibit a specific behavior in the presence of a specific stimulusE) make an association between two stimuli3.In classical conditioning, an organism_________A)is able to recognize objects by the sounds they makeB)identifies and categorize objectsC)shows a species- typical behavior in response to a previously unimportant stimulusD)learns the consequences of a specific behaviorE)forms an association between a response and a stimulus4. your best friend Max is bitten as he tries to pet your dog. Eventually Max stops petting your dog. Thisis an example of ___________A)positive reinforcementB)classical conditioningC)relational learningD)instrumental conditioningE)perceptual learning 5.An example of relational learning is ____________A) practicing a golf swing repeatedly which results is more accurate strokesB) salivating in response to a favorite foodC)forming a mental map of a room based on your experience in the roomD)recognizing a familiar stimulusE)recalling an event form your childhood6.The ability to recall series of events is referred to as ________learningA)motorB)spatialC)perceptualD)episodicE)procedural7.intense electrical stimulation of axons within the hippocampal formation results in__________A)long-term potential of postsynaptic neuronsB)inhibition of presynaptic neuronsC)inhibition of the stimulated axonsD)long-term potentiation of presynaptic neurons8. receptors for ___________are involved in long-term potentiationA)dopamineB)glutamateC)acetylcholineD)serotoninE)GABA9.The Hebb rule states that___________A)learning involves GABA receptorsB)only primates are capable of LTP C)learning is focused to the prefrontal cortexD)synapses that are repeatedly active when a post synaptic neuron fires are strengthened10.people with retrograde amnesia are unable to ___________A)learn new informationB)recall childhood experiencesC)remember stressful or traumatic eventsD)transform their short-term memories into long-term memoriesE)recall events that occurred prior to brain injury11.patient H.M. was treated for severe epilepsy by bilateral removal of his___________A)temporal lobesB)occipital lobesC)frontal lobesD)hypothalamusE)thalamic nuclei12.based on the study of patient H.Mit has been concluded that_______________A)short term memories are stored within the hippocampusB)the hippocampus is required for retrieval of long-term memoriesC)long-term memories are stored within the hippocampusD)the hippocampus converts short-term memories into long-term memoriesE)damage to the hippocampus results in severe retrograde amnesia13.perceptual learning is the ability to ____________A)recognize stimuli that have been perceived before to identify and categorizes objectsB)ability to read another person’s body languageC)recall a list of wordsD)recall of autobiographical details of early striking aspect of H.M.’s memory deficit is that he ____________ A)can learn some new tasks, but is unware of having learned themB)only remembers recent factsC)reverses word order in repeated sentencesD)indicates he remembers things he has never seenE)shows signs of confabulation15.memory for events and facts that we can think and talk about is referred to as __________A)Hebbian memoryB)motor memoryC)procedural memoryD)Declarative memoryE)nondeclarative memories16.The ability to ride a bike is a type of _____memoryA)nondeclarativeB)motorC)both A and BD)Neither A nor B17.The process of learning and memory are entirely separate processes that are independent from oneanotherA)TrueB)False18.Addiction is a type of learned behavior that involves synaptic plasticity between which two regions ofthe brain?A)nucleus raphe magnus and thalamusB)locus coerulus and cerebral cortexC)pons and cerebellumD)substantia nigra and prefrontal cortex E)ventral tegmental area and nucleus accumbens19.The Skinner box best represents which type of learning?A)Hebbian synaptic plasticityB)relationalC)motorD)stimulus-response20.why is Aplysia californica a particularly nice model to use to study memory?A)it has a simpler nervous systemB)it has large neurons that are easy to locateC)the nervous system between individual animals is fairly consistentD)all of the above