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Axial Skeleton

Appendicular Skeleton







Hyoid Bone


Rheumatoid Arthritis





Slow Twitch

Fast Twitch Type IIA

Fast Twitch Type IIB
A. These cells destroy bone cell for
formation of new cells
B. Part of
the skeleton that includes the arms and legs
C. Muscle
naming term that mean “straight”
D. Portion
of the bone found on the end that is softer and allows for growth of bone
E. Portion
of the skeleton that protects internal organs and is considered “core”
F. Name of
the bone that protects your “Adam’s Apple”
G. Number of
muscles in the human body
H. Name for
where a muscle begins
I. Another
name for the shaft of a bone
J. Disease
that usually comes later in life from wear and tear on joints
K. AKA the
oxidative muscle fibers
L. Muscle
fiber type that only uses sugar for energy
M. The area
where the muscle turns into a tendon and connects to the next bone
N. Cells that
are forming new bone
O. AKA the
oxidative glycolytic muscle fiber
P. Number of
tarsal bones
Q. A mature
bone cell
R. Energy
that muscles require to contract
S. Disease
in which the body’s immune system destroys healthy tissue
T. The
typical number of bones in the human body