Solved by a verified expert:M1D1Scientists use the scientific method to explore scientific questions or hypotheses. The videowithin the discussion question provides insight into how a scientist might formulate a hypothesis,followed by steps conducted in research to support or not support this hypothesis. Consistentresearch procedure provides for more accurate results and confidence surrounding conclusions.Watch the video: “ The Scientific Method”Now describe how you have (intentionally or unintentionally) used the scientific method in yourown day-to-day living. In your post answer the following questions. What observation did youstart with? What question did the observation lead you to? How did you go about answering thequestion? What were the variables? And the outcome?Once you have posted your response, examine the posts of two of your classmates. Briefly statewhether or not they used the scientific method and what alternative outcome was possible.Your initial post is due by Thursday at 11:59 PM. Your responses are due by Sunday at 11:59PM.Your discussion is evaluated using the SLA Discussion Rubric. For more information about therubric please click on the link.