Solved by a verified expert:APA format and type of cancer is Lung Cancer.Recall from the unit lesson, the chances of developing cancer are fairly high, and cancer is very much a current real world issue. Almost everyone has been affected by cancer in some way or knows someone who has been. This research report will have you explore the type of cancer you selected in Unit III.Your research report should accomplish the following:- Introduce the paper’s purpose, including background information on what cancer is and a summary of the main points.- Describe the type of cancer you selected.- Describe the diagnosis: symptoms, diagnosis, staging, and prognosis.- Discuss treatment options, including medicines/alternative treatments.- Discuss causes/risk factors.- Include the incidence rate or statistics.- Explain the resources you would use if you or someone you knew had this type of cancer.- Discuss what you can do to help the fight against cancer.- Include any other interesting facts.Your research report should be at least three full pages in length and include an introduction, a body, and a conclusion. You are required to cite at least two peer-reviewed sources and two additional sources of your own choosing, for a minimum of four sources. You are encouraged to use the references from the Unit III annotated bibliography assignment, but it is not a requirement.Course textbookKrogh, D. (2014). Biology: A guide to the natural world (5thed. , Technology update). Upper Saddle River, NJ: Pearson.