Solved by a verified expert:Last week we discussed farming and genetically modified foods (GMO’s). We had an interesting discussion about sustainable farming. As the world’s population grows, how will we meet the increase demands for production while at the same times sustain the natural resources that are the source of that food, and is this possible? Can we continue the current course we that we are on, in regard to food production, or do we need a paradigm shift? GMO’s are just another layer in this dilemma. GMO’s have demonstrated to be beneficial in increasing food production, including promises of crops that are more adaptable and more productive. On the other hand, there are questions regarding to how safe they are to the health of humans and the environment. How will we address these concerns for the future?A GMO is a genetically
modified organism, which in the science world is also known as a transgenic
organism. This is where another organism’s genetic material has been altered by
genetic engineering techniques, such as taking genes out of one organism and
placing them in another via a vector. Many of our foods today have genetically
modified organisms and they are also used in scientific research.
One potential benefit of a GMO is global hunger. The population is ever
increasing and 3rdworld
hunger is on a scale like never before. GMO’s will allow farmers to grow crops
in conditions that they could have never thought of until now. The plants are
resistant to weeds, pests, and other diseases, some even drought. This is a
huge benefit that would put the power in the farmer’s hands to feed the world.
GMO’s have been known to be unhealthy. Since the incorporation of GMO’s in our
diet health problems in the United States have increased and the percentage of
those with chronic illnesses has went from 7 percent to 13 percent within 9
years. There is not substantial research proving it is just GMO’s but it is
clear they play a role in the increased health problems in the U.S. and further
research is being done to confirm this.
I personally would not support the use of GMO’s yet. With good farming
practices I believe enough food can be grown. Obviously with GMO’s we are far
from ever solving world hunger and I do not think we will ever beat it in my
lifetime. We should not have put out a product like GMO’s without extensive
research on how it effect the ecosystem and human health, which neither was
done. We may look back hundreds of years now saying that is the reason so many
people suffered from cancer and chronic illnesses and we gave it to them by
allowing GMO’s in the food. Only time will tell.