Solved by a verified expert:Answer Each question in your own words! Each question should have at least two paragraphs. Absolutely no plagiarism! If is is quality work I will tip a extra 20$1. Provide a brief proposal for a paleoanthropological field study for the hominid or pre-hominid of your choice. In this proposal you must identify a question that is appropriate for your selected species and can be answered doing field work. You must provide some background on the selected species (i.e. geography, date range, and what we know about behavior, anatomy, etc.). You must outline a plan of research – what will you do in the field to answer the question? You may have to enlist the help of specialists, tell me who they are. Finally, explain the relevance of your research proposal to our understanding of human evolution.Critically evaluate the debate surrounding the origins of modern Homo sapiens. What scenarios have been presented and what evidence is used to support or refute these models? Also, be sure to address our current understanding of the relationship between Homo sapiens and Neanderthals.What models explain the rise of bipedalism among our ancestors? Please present the evidence for bipedalism in the fossil record and explain why bipedalism may have been selected for in the past.