Solved by a verified expert:It is quite common for species that are exposed to sexual selection to be sexually dimorphic. What best explains why the males of diverse species like the lion, elephant seal, and elk are so much larger than the females?Large males are better able to defend their offspring; therefore, they make better mates.Large males have superior predator avoidance skills; therefore, they make better mates.Only large, robust males survive long enough to reach the age of sexual maturity.In these populations, the males fight one another for the privilege of breeding; therefore, larger males are more likely to be successful.Flag this QuestionQuestion 321pts Natural selection tends todecrease the number of individuals in any given population.increase the commonality of characteristics that enhance survival and reproduction.decrease the likelihood of adaptation.lead to an increase in genetic drift.Flag this QuestionQuestion 331pts The termsexual dimorphismrefers to a species in whichmales produce sperm and females produce ova.the males and females differ in distinct anatomical ways, such as body size, coloration, or plumage.the population consists of males and females.natural selection produces a higher prereproduction mortality rate for one gender.Flag this QuestionQuestion 341pts Humans have a reduced tailbone and the muscles to move a tail. This evidence indicates that we descended from an ancestor that had a tail.TrueFalseFlag this QuestionQuestion 351pts Peppered moths in England evolved into a dark-colored form when soot darkened the bark of the trees they lived on and exposed the light-colored form to predation. However, air pollution control eventually restored the moths’ habitat to its original condition. What would probably have happened to the peppered moth population if the light-colored alleles had been entirely lost from its gene pool during the period when dark-colored moths were selectively favored?The moths would have changed their dietary preferences to foods that contain only light pigments.The population would have become extremely small or possibly extinct after the loss of this adaptive trait.The moths would have evolved behaviorally and chosen to avoid trees with light-colored bark.Mutations that would reestablish the light-colored allele in the gene pool would have occurred.Flag this QuestionQuestion 361pts The number of different types of organisms found on Earth is primarily a result ofcommon descent.continental drift.Darwin’s theories.natural selection and speciation.