Solved by a verified expert:1. Is timing critical with H2S readings in Triple Sugar Iron / kliger Iron Agar? Why or why not/2. You learnt in theory that if the black precipitate obscures the colour of the butt it must be acidic and scored as “A”. Why do you think this is true?3. TSIA and KIA are complex media with many ingredients. What would be the consequences of the following mistakes in preparing this medium? Consider each independently.a. 1% glucose is added rather than the amount specified in the recipe.b. The initial pH is 8.24. Suppose you inoculate a Phenol Red broth with an organism known to be a slow growing fermenter. After 48 hours, you see slight turbidity but score it (-(-/-).a. Is this result a false positive or a false negative?b. Is this false result caused by poor specificity or poor sensitivity of the test system?