Solved by a verified expert:20. In closed environments, such as military bases, dormitories, and day-care centers, 90% of the population can be carriers of this organism, yet only 1 per 1000 develops the meningitis. What is the etiology?Neisseria meningitidesHaemophilus influenzaeHaemophilus influenzaeStreptococcus pneumoniaeListeria monocytogenes21. Food contamination occurs as a result of ________unsanitary practices by food handlers.improper storage.importation.All of the aboveTop of Form22. What is a possible symptom of Lyme disease?A bull’s-eye rash at the point of the insect biteFlulike symptomsArthritisSymptoms resembling Alzheimer’s diseaseAll of the above23. Clinical symptoms of tuberculosis primarily result from ________host inflammatory response.mycotoxins.endotoxin.mucus productionexotoxin24. Widespread lesions with intense itching; other mites cause house dust allergy when their feces are inhaled by allergic individualsRat bite feverPasteurella multocida infectionTick paralysisScabiesPediculosisMyiasis25. Which of the following stains is used to classify microorganisms based on their cell wall content?Capsular stainGram stainSpore stainNegative stainMethylene blue