Solved by a verified expert:(26) If a human cell placed in hypertonic solutiona. cell will swellb. cell will remain unchangedc. the cell will shrinkd. cell be burst(27) Elodea isa. a fungib. a green aquatic plantc. a protistd. a mold(28) Vinegar diffuses into bromothymol-dyed cubes similar to how nutrients diffuse into cellsa. trueb. false(29) The following enzyme breaks down protein in our stomacha. proteaseb. hydrochloric acidc. all choices are correctd. catalasee. amylase(30) A base is a substance that dissolves in water_____________a. none of these choices are correctb. to absorb OH-ionsc. to release OH-ionsd. to release oxygen molecules(31) 83 cm = 8.3×1000μma. trueb. false(32) In writing a report, the abstract goes at the beginning of the report.a. trueb. false(33) The high molecular weight solutes are transported down aconcentration gradient via diffusion.a. trueb. false(34) When acid dissolves in water _______________a. hydrogen ions are releasedb. none of the choices are correctc. carbon dioxide is releasedd. oxygen is releasede. OH ions are released(35) “George did not sleep at all last night because he was up finishing his paper”. This isa. no testable hypothesisb. testable hypothesisc. not a hypothesis(36) 451,000,000 μm is equal toa. 4510mb. 451mc. 45md. 4.51me. 45.1m(37) The following molecule will be generally impermeable to a biological membrane system.a. waterb. oxygenc. uncharged soluted. carbon dioxidee. polysaccharide(38) A testable hypothesis can be deduced from the following information.”The teller at the bank with brown hair and brown eyes is taller than the other tellers”a. trueb. false(39) The optimal pH for seed germination is betweena. 4-7b. 6.0 – 6.5c. 6-7d. 6-8(40) Catalase isa. an enzymeb. faty acidc. a polysaccharided. a large proteine. disaccharide(41) Hydrogenase is an enzyme that is vital to break down ____________ in human and plant cellsa. none of the choices are correctb. sodium bicarbonatec. hydrogen superoxided. hydrogen monoxidee. hydrogen peroxide(42) Oxygen passes through the cell membrane by a process called osmosisa. trueb. false(43) The following is a basea. fresh yogurtb. milkc. orange juiced. mild lemon juice(44) The more the enzyme, the higher the reaction rate. If there are more enzyme molecule than are needed,adding additional enzyme will increase the rate of reaction.a. trueb. false(45) Chlorophyll does not absorb green lighta. trueb. false(46) Testable hypotheses will never include things that cannot be physically measured or determineda. trueb. false(47) Carotenoid does not absorb colors with wavelength above about 550 nma. trueb. false(48) When sucrose is dissolved in water, a solution is formed. In this solution the solute is the water.a. trueb. false(49) A genotype is the composite of an organism’s observable characteristics or traits.a. trueb. false(50) Some plants are more tolerant of a broad range of pHs. One example is the hydrangea flower, which turns blue in basic conditions and pink in alkaline conditionsa. trueb. false