Solved by a verified expert:Name:Date:Instructor’s Name:Assignment: SCIE211 Phase 5 Lab ReportTitle: Identifying Environmental HazardsInstructions: You will write a 1-page lab report using the scientific method to answer thefollowing questions:Why do you see increases and decreases in the invasive species population?What are the implications associated with these alterations to the ecosystem as awhole?When your lab report is complete, post it in Submitted Assignment files.Part I: Using the lab animation, fill in the data table below to help you generate your hypothesis,outcomes, and analysis.Years04710131620Zebra andQuaggaMussel(density/m2)Phytoplankton Zooplankton(µg/ml)(µg/ml)CladophoraBiomass(g/m2)Foraging Fish(kilotons)Part II: Write a 1-page lab report using the following scientific method sections:Purposeo State the purpose of the lab.IntroductionoThis is an investigation of what is currently known about the question beingasked. Use background information from credible references to write a shortsummary about concepts in the lab. List and cite references in APA style.Hypothesis/Predicted OutcomeLake Trout(kilotons) oMethodsoSummarize the procedures that you used in the lab. The Methods section shouldalso state clearly how data (numbers) were collected during the lab; this will bereported in the Results/Outcome section.Results/OutcomeoA hypothesis is an educated guess. Based on what you have learned and writtenabout in the Introduction, state what you expect to be the results of the labprocedures.Provide here any results or data that were generated while doing the labprocedure.Discussion/AnalysisoIn this section, state clearly whether you obtained the expected results, and if theoutcome was as expected.oNote: You can use the lab data to help you discuss the results and what youlearned.Provide references in APA format. This includes a reference list and in-text citations forreferences used in the Introduction section.Give your paper a title and number, and identify each section as specified above. Althoughthe hypothesis will be a 1-sentence answer, the other sections will need to be paragraphs toadequately explain your experiment.When your lab report is complete, post it in Submitted Assignment files.