Solved by a verified expert:Requirements:? Choose a disease to research and complete a PowerPoint Presentation (PPT). The disease must be associated with one of the chapters covered in this course.Research (PPT) Requirements:? Minimum of 15 slides and a maximum of 20 sides.? Make sure your PPT is creative. You may add pictures and or videos to engage your audiences. Add any additional information that is useful and informative.? Most importantly have FUN with this discussion :­)!Include the following in your PowerPoint Presentation:1. Title Slide:? Include full name, date, course, and the Title of your disease.2. General overview of the disease? History? What part of the body does it affect?? How does the disease affect the body? Include pathological information.? Forms or other types of the disease3. Causes? How is the disease transmitted?4. Incidence? How many people does this disease affect?? Does it affect a certain age group?? Does it affect a certain ethnic group?? What is the Mortality Rate?5. Signs and Symptoms6. Diagnosis? What tests do the doctors run to determine whether a person has the disease?7. Treatment? What are the treatment options?? Is there a cure?8. Prevention? Are there any ways to prevent this disease/disorder?9. Reference Slide:? Must include at minimum of TWO references (APA format). Assignment Grading Rubric:ContentPossible Points and Points grantedTitle Page5Overview20IncidenceSigns & SymptomsDiagnosis101010Treatment10Prevention10Reference Slide (min. 2 references)CreativityTotal Points