Solved by a verified expert:NeurologyName___________________________1Guillaume Duchenne’s , a French neurologist (1806-1875),documented a disorder that develops in conjunction with syphilis.Describe the disorder.2 What is the difference between an expansive delusion and a nihilisticdelusion?3 Define encephalomyeloradiculitis?4 What is bovine spongiform encephalopathy (mad cow disease).5 Where is the glossopharyngeal cranial nerve?6 What virus is in the family of Lyssavirus? What is lyssophobia?7 Describe the three types of schizophrenia.8 Describe the neuropathy induced by a glue-sniffer.9 What is peyote?10 Describe the Babinski’s reflex named after the French neurologistJoseph Babinski(1857-1932).