Solved by a verified expert:HS140: PharmacologyCarol LingoKaplan UniversityUnit 8 AssignmentApplying Pharmacology Principles___________________________________________________________________PART 1: CASE STUDIESCASE 1Mrs. Kaplan has been diagnosed with GERD. Mrs. Kaplan called Dr. Ferrari for aprescription refill of her medication. Her last prescription was written 4 monthsago for Aciphex 20mg to be taken by mouth once a day for 4 weeks. Mrs. Kaplan iscalling to get a refill of the same medication.1. What further questions do you, the allied health professional, need to ask Mrs.Kaplan when she calls for a refill?2. Dr. Ferrari will not be available until tomorrow. Do you need to wait to call inthe prescription?3. Why MIGHT Dr. Ferrari want to see Mrs. Kaplan prior to prescribing hermedication?4. Document the phone call as you would in the medical record.CASE 2Annie is 3 years old and is being seen for what appears to be an ear infection.Annie’s mother asks if it is safe to give Annie children’s aspirin because she hassome at home. Her husband takes it as a “blood thinner.”1. What is your response to Annie’s mother?2. Annie will be given an antibiotic. Her mother mentions that she is allergic topenicillin. What are some checks and balances that should be in place at thephysician’s office and in the pharmacy to ensure that errors are not made withpatients with allergies to certain antibiotics? HS140: PharmacologyPART 2: DOCUMENTATION APPLICATIONCASE 3The following patients were in the clinic today. Verbal prescriptions were given toyou to document in the patients’ medical records.Document the following verbal prescriptions as they would appear in a medicalrecord and when their next dose will be (next dose). For documentation purposesyou will likely need to express time in international standard time. Be sure toexpress your answer in using international standard time. Hint: Review theresources provided in the reading and on pages 127 and 128 in your textbook.)Patient #12345Verbal prescription ofmedication/dose to bedocumentedPain medication with thedirections: i tab PO q6hAspirin: ii tab PRNPenicillin: ii caps PO q4hPepcid: i tab PO q4-6hIbuprofen: 800 mg PO TIDDocumentation ofprescriptionFirst doseNext dose(internationalstandard time)9:30 am12:00 pm2:00 pm6:00 am9:30 pmPART 3: PRESCRIPTION AND MEDICAL ORDER APPLICATIONCASE 4 PRACTICAL APPLICATION1. What is the difference between a prescription and a medication order? Pleasebe as thorough as possible. Hint use your textbook.2. Write a prescription for one medication covered in Chapter 17: Antimicrobials,Antifungals and Antivirals. The prescription must be believable. (10 points)Be sure to include the following to earn full credit:• Correct drug name• Logical drug strength• Logical quantity• Logical directions HS140: Pharmacology• DEA included if controlled substance• Refills included and logical• Patient name included• DateKAPLAN STUDENT, MD1234 Success RoadFort Lauderdale, FloridaPatient Name:Date:Address:DOB:Refills:DEA#:(123) 555-1212