Solved by a verified expert:How is DNA replicated, and how is stored genetic information used to produce an active protein in the cell?Hints:1. That’s a very broad question–so how much detail should you include? Make sure your answer is 1-2 pages long, and that it addresses each of the parts of the question. In other words, don’t spend 1 ¾ pages on replication, then cram in two sentences about the rest.2. Use the appropriate jargon, and use it correctly. I assume your answer will include all these terms (and lots more): • Replication, Transcription, Translation• Polymerase• Semiconservative, Semidiscontinuous, Bidirectional• Complementary• Basepair• Origin• Promoter• DNA• Genetic Code• RNA: mRNA, tRNA, rRNA• Ribosome• Codon, anticodon• Prokaryote, Eukaryote