Solved by a verified expert:Questions are to be answered in full sentences. Answers should be approximately 125 words ortwo to three paragraphs each and you must cite your references at the end of each essay. APAformat for citations.Is it possible for a female carrier to have a daughter who has hemophilia? Explain your answerusing terms such as sex-linked inheritance, sex-linked genes, dominant, recessive, and X and Ychromosomes.1. Choose a specific trait such as eye color, and explain the meaning of homologouschromosomes.2. How does the process of meiosis produce new combinations of genes? Why is thisimportant?3. Describe one type of condition where a person is born with an abnormal number ofchromosomes.4. Examine the cross between a black-coated Labrador and a chocolate-coated Labrador asis shown on page 102 of your text. Using correct biological terms explain how 50% ofthe offspring have the probability of being chocolate-coated.